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Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Tue Sep 3 09:23:58 CDT 2013

Great start Wes!  Thanks for taking this part of the project on.  This is
even better than what I originally had in mind for our equipment list.


A couple of points of clarification for the spreadsheet, so everyone knows
what my thoughts were.  


#1, I have a 3ft tripod, but not the 5ft.  I think the 3ft may be too short
to allow complete freedom of movement/rotation of the antenna.


#5 and 6 are the rigs we'll use for the contact.  They are specifically
designed for satellite operations and will make tracking the Doppler shift
easier.  I'm not sure what the V8000's are for, but my thought was that we'd
use UHF for any local communications to avoid any potential interference
with the VHF contact to ISS.


On #29, I had hoped to see the report from Justin before now, but I know he
is busy with school.  Perhaps we will hear from him this evening at BCARES.
We likely won't need a shelter outdoors as the contact will be conducted in
the school, probably in their media center.  This is based on a recent site
survey at the school and discussion with folks there.  


If you have other thoughts on the shelter (or anything else), please feel
free to share them as I can certainly have overlooked things! That's why we
want this to be a group effort!


Also, if anyone knows where we can acquire anything on the list we need,
please speak up!  If you think of anything not on the list, please share
that too.


Don - KM0R

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Well, I figure we need some sort of list to start modifying.  Attached is an
Excel file.  Nothing is considered final or even strongly recommended.  


You might first decide if you like the format.  It can be changed easily.
Fred already helped with that.


I started by including things from emails.  I understand Don has purchased
some more equipment, so we expect immediate changes and additions.


Maybe you will have some ideas for improvements / additions / changes at the
BCARES and CMRA meetings.


Let me know if I omitted any committee names or if others should have








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