[Rockbridge Committee] Welcome!

Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Mon Jul 29 12:33:58 CDT 2013

Hi Guys!


We now have everyone on the list who volunteered at the last CMRA meeting to
be a part of the committee for the NASA contact at Rockbridge.  Our goal is
to provide everything needed to make the contact for the school and
coordinate between the school and the clubs to get the resources we need for
the contact.


I know a couple of you have already been looking at the technical
requirements for the contact, but here is a link for those who haven't found
it yet.  We will need to pull together a list of equipment soon and get it
all gathered, tested and ready to go.


Since we don't know an exact timeframe for the contact, the sooner we have
everything ready and can do some practice with other satellites, the better
off we'll be when the time comes.  Please review the site linked below and
lets start putting together our list of equipment soon.




Don M. - KM0R

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