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Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Thu Aug 15 09:43:38 CDT 2013

Hi All, 


Just thought I'd update everyone on our current equipment status as I know
it today.  If you haven't reviewed the equipment needs, you can see them
here.  http://ariss.rac.ca/Direct_Contact_Installation.pdf


CMRA has the following we can use:


Yeasu FT-847 satellite rig (I have identified and received permission to use
another FT-847 from the local community so we have a backup)

Yaesu AZ/EL rotor with computer control interface (backup identified and
permission to use received)  Computer control of both needs tested

2M Circularly polarized yagi - Myron has offered a second antenna for backup



I have at least one power supply and 160W 2M amp with preamp, but we may
want to discuss an antenna mounted preamp ( I think CMRA may have one) 


I have one large SLA battery to use as backup power.  Does anyone have the
power-gate we can use to automatically switch from DC power supply to batter
in the event of a power outage?


I also have an will supply the satellite tracking software from AMSAT for
use on this project.  If anyone else has this, (PC-32 I think its called),
it's a neat software package and does a great job.


I have one tripod for use in mounting the antenna and rotor.  We could use a


What else do we have available from this group in the way of equipment
listed above or on the equipment installation sheet listed above?  Please
reply to the group so we can all see what is available and begin looking for
anything we may be missing.


Our next task will be to get equipment together soon to begin testing.


Don - KM0R

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