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Are these the same thing?

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I have a friend of mine Mr. Bill WB8ELK of Huntsville AL sent out some more info on Ozonesondes. There are only 3 to 4 ozonesonde launching sites in the US (Boulder, CO, Wallops,VA, Huntsville, AL and sometimes in CA). The latest ozonesonde now has a GPS built-in. Last weekend's flight here landed just 5 miles east of my house south of Huntsville AL.

These transmitters are on 402 and 403 MHZ and you would listen with Wide Band FM. They are fun to track down ( a real hidden transmitter ) and there is a $30 reward for returning them (they go to Boulder) which pays for our gas when we track these things down (it is already postpaid).

Don't get the Ozonesonde confused with the Radiosonde that are launched twice a day from Billard Airfield in Topeka Kansas. The Radiosonde uses a frequency of 1682.00 MHZ yes that is 1.68 GHZ. If you are interested in trying to listen to them scan 1678.00 to 1684.00 MHZ in 30 KC steps and use wide band fm. They send them up at either 5:00 or 6:00 AM and PM

They are a hoot to listen for and track down and they will come towards the Kansas City area. They will also jump in frequency buy as much as 1 MHz. I have found about 20 plus of them and they are a challenge twice a day sometimes. 

Mike Bogard, KDØFW @ arrl.net
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W0AIB says:  I had no idea what Mike was talking about, so I went looking and found a couple of interesting web sites:



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