[Balloons] Other needs for launch - things I don't have

Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Sat Sep 15 10:32:21 CDT 2012

We will need the following items for filling and launch prep.  Can anyone
think of anything else?  If you can provide any of these items, please let
us know.


"fish" scale - to measure nozzle lift as we fill and payload weight  capable
of reading up to 20 lbs should be sufficient 

Fill nozzle - probably made from PVC ?

Fill hose - goes from regulator to nozzle


Did we find a suitable high flow regulator?  How long will it take to empty
a full tank through a regulator?  Remember someone must hold the balloon the
entire time while it fills.


Someone needs to find appropriate FAA contacts for our potential launch
sites and have that data ready.



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