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Dave Larsen kv0s.dave at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 18:26:17 CDT 2012


We need a parachute and cord for the rig. I will work  on a 2m wire jpole
should I another antenna ?

We need both a sounder and batteries for three devices 2 radios and sounder.

Can you check on getting a gas cylinder? I think we can wait to closer to
the date to get the tank.

I will get a web site set this weekend.

BTW Don n0usb would like to be added to the balloon list.

Dave, KV0S
On Sep 14, 2012 6:12 PM, "Don - KM0R" <km0r at km0r.net> wrote:

> I ordered 3 balloons from www.njballoonmfg.com  He had some just slightly
> larger than 1000 gram balloons for less than $40 each.  Should be here in
> plenty of time for our attempted October launch date.****
> ** **
> What else are we missing for the launch??****
> ** **
> Don****
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