[Balloons] FW: [GPSL] Help with BalloonSat Launches?

Mike n0zh at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 13:14:00 CST 2012

Sounds like fun.  Would be glad to participate if in central Missouri and does not conflict with other obligations. 

73, Mike / n0zh
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Don,  Sure!  I assume he is talking about the Columbia MU campus, not KU @ Lawrence.  
Depending on the scheduled date, I would hope I would be available and I bet I can find someone to ride along too.
73,  Jim
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Would we want to participate in this??  Would be a great opportunity…
Don M. - KMØR
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I'll be receiving dissertation BalloonSats beginning next week. I have
balloons, but no way to transport helium. I may attempt to have helium
delivered to the campus and pay for it myself. That way I don't have
to carry tansk around.

The other option is to visit another group and launch with them. I
would be paying for the balloons and helium, but getting some help
with transporting the gas. I could also use the help with chase.

Is anyone available after mid March that can help out?


Onwards and Upwards,
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