[Balloons] FYI items on our configuration

Dave Larsen kv0s.dave at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 19:58:59 CST 2012


I have three things on out system.

1) The first tracker Bob gave us was had a 60,000 ft top height.

Bob got another on sent to me so I have a high altitude Big red bee
here at my house.  I will return the other one to Bob in May.

2)  I bought a faster regulator for my work tanks  it runs at 1/4 the full PSI

3)  The guy at praxair says the helium tanks are not 4 time more that last year.
the supply of Helium in the US is running out.

Dave KV0S

KV0S - Dave Larsen
Columbia, MO, USA

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