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Hi Corey and the group,


The Mississippi to Alabama balloon flight was fun to watch on APRS.fi and to
track direct on HF Radio.


It appears it came pretty closed to landing on an interstate highway.boy
would that make recovering your payload difficult!


I learned a few things I certainly did not know today as well.  Of most
interest was the use of HF to transmit telemetry on the flight.  I would
guess the folks that programmed the payload for this flight might just be
some of the sharpest knives in the drawer!  The Payload as described in the
link below, transmitted in several modes on HF, did a voice ID as well on
UHF and did the regular APRS transmission on VHF.  I received it here for
over two hours on a pretty regular basis.  I used fldigi software , to
receive the telemetry reports.  Fldigi, by practice, has become the standard
for use with the State Emergency Management Agency recently.  I learned
today that there is a special version or plug-in for fldig called dl-fldigi
that specializes in balloon telemetry.  I could not get it downloaded today
but plan to in the future.  I learned about it by drilling down in some of
the links in the page linked below.


Fun day here in Jefferson City.   73,  Jim  



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Passing this on from Larry's list.....They have a good payload......Corey


The Olde Towne Middle School Radio and Technology Club & Science Club would
like to announce their upcoming near-space balloon launch. The launch will
take place March 3rd at 9:30 plus or minus a little for wx delays. The
balloon and payload will be named Leo-1 after Leo McGehee K5LEM (SK) who was
a vital member of our chase on our first balloon launch last Spring. This
year we are focusing on using the balloon as a payload delivery system for
science projects that are dependent on getting into the stratosphere. 

See either of these links for detailed information on this event:



< <http://tinyurl.com/7fazwgx> http://tinyurl.com/7fazwgx

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