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Here is the code site of this dl-fldigi software this may be


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> ARLS003 Middle School Students to Launch Near-Space Balloon
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> Space Bulletin 003  ARLS003
> >From ARRL Headquarters  
> Newington, CT  March 9, 2011
> To all radio amateurs
> ARLS003 Middle School Students to Launch Near-Space Balloon
> A group of students from Olde Towne Middle School (OTMS) in
> Ridgeland, Mississippi is preparing for a trip to space -- or as
> close as they can get. The OTMS Radio and Technology Club, along
> with the school's Science Team, are planning a near-space balloon
> launch at 9 AM (CDT) on March 26 (the date and time are subject to
> change depending on weather). The balloon -- nicknamed Titans in
> Space -- will use the call sign KC5NXD and is expected to reach an
> altitude of 94,825 feet.
> The project is led by Bill Richardson, N5VEI, a past participant in
> the ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology, a professional
> development program that is part of ARRL's donor-funded Education &
> Technology Program. The school has also received several grants of
> Amateur Radio station equipment from this program. Richardson is the
> sponsor of the school's Radio and Technology Club.
> The balloon will be equipped with instruments to track its exact
> location and a camera that will take snapshots every 15 seconds. The
> students will stay on the ground and analyze the data as it is
> transmitted back to them from the balloon. "As far as I can
> research, we are the first elementary, middle or high school to
> launch a near-space balloon in our state," Richardson told the ARRL.
> The balloon will launch from the Madison County Career and
> Technology Center in Gluckstadt. Preflight will begin at 90 minutes
> before the scheduled launch. The preflight and launch will be
> stream-cast live on the Internet at,
> http://www.ustream.tv/user/kc5nxd.  You can also follow along on
> Twitter.
> "Our students are busy with assembly and payload testing right now,
> preparing for launch day," said OTMS Principal Allen Lawrence. "This
> is really a great science experiment and they are all excited."
> Richardson is encouraging radio amateurs to follow the balloon via
> APRS on 144.39 MHz, on http://aprs.fi with the call sign kc5nxd-11
> and via a 2 meter voice beacon on 146.565 MHz. A 20 meter beacon at
> 14.079-14.080.5 MHz will offer telemetry in four modes: Domino-ex16,
> CW, RTTY and Hellschreiber.
> According to Richardson, the group will be using a special
> balloon-modified version of FLdigi, called dl-FLdigi. Ground
> stations receive the balloon's telemetry via the program's soundcard
> decoding software (available as a free download from
> http://www.w1hkj.com). "In essence, you are creating your own HF or
> VHF APRS-style network on the fly," he explained. "When a valid
> frame is received by a ground station, it is then sent via dl-FLdigi
> to a server that then plots the position onto a website dedicated to
> high altitude ballooning."  The website can be found at,
> http://spacenear.us/tracker.
> Richardson said that the students need help to grab data packets or
> use the FLdigi to relay to packets to the network: "With the new
> telemetry system, we will have a better data set for a final landing
> spot, as well as research data."
> The launch is in partnership with the Mississippi State University's
> Bagley College of Engineering's aeronautical engineering program,
> which has provided support and supplies to the students' efforts.
> The project has already received national attention from The Sally
> Ride Foundation, named after the first American woman to fly in
> space. The foundation -- dedicated to supporting girls' and boys'
> interests in science, math and technology -- sent the students a
> letter of support and congratulations in advance of the launch. All
> funding for the project has come from donations and fundraisers. The
> project has received support from the local community, including the
> Jackson (Mississippi) Amateur Radio Club.
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