[Balloons] Getting started

Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Thu Mar 3 17:30:56 CST 2011

Hi Dave and group, 


Even though I didn't officially volunteer for the committee, I'd like to be
involved in the effort.  I was thinking it would it be appropriate to start
off by defining the capabilities of the first launch package.  Once the
capabilities are defined, those can be broken out as subsystems of the
package and further developed.  Once these are identified, I'd be glad to
help design some of the necessary components.


To kick off the capabilities discussion, I'd like to see APRS on our first
payload package.  The question is. one tracker or two on separate


Also, here is a link you can send folks who might be interested so they can
sign up for this list.  http://mail.k0si.net/mailman/listinfo/balloons 


Don - KM0R 

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