[Balloons] Welcome to our Amateur Radio Balloon Maillist

Dave Larsen kv0s.dave at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 17:07:40 CST 2011

Welcome to all on the BCARES and now CMRA Balloon list.

The goal of our group is to develop a radio package and the necessary
infrastructure to fly a helium balloon from ground to near space and
back here in Central Missouri. 

The current organization is myself Dave, KV0S as chair
 Committee members are Mike, AC0G and Cory, KC0YNS 

To be successful this group will need many of the club members help.  We
will likely involve other groups such as University students, Boy Scouts
and possibly High School students.  

Organization is the critical so that our efforts come off successfully
and safely.  

Dave, KV0S

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