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If we use a UHF tracker, yes.  At least I’d like to see VHF too!


Don M.


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Suppose I'll ask the question, If we use UHF will we still have something beaconing on VHF?  Was hoping  to be able to use the Doppler tracking in my truck when it comes time to find everything... Thanks, Corey

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If we go with UHF, just remember we’ll have to deploy some receiving stations who can gate the data to the APRS-IS for us.  I kind of like the UHF idea, but am open to discussion of either.


Don M.


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Folk --

Bob W0BUX has offered to donate one of the other of these two trackers to our Balloon effort.


Comment on which we should prefer?




Yesterday I ran a battery life test on the Beeline BLGPS 2M tracker, powered by a 7.4v 1800mAh lithium battery.  Nominal output was set to 5W with transmissions every minute.  After nearly ten hours the output power was still over 5W.  I haven't yet tested the 70CM version - I have to check to see if I have the correct battery.


The 2M BLGPS weighs 45 grams and the battery is 74 grams.




Bob  W0BUX


KV0S - Dave Larsen
Columbia, MO, USA

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