[Balloons] Hwoyee balloon co-op purchase - Price Update

Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Tue Dec 20 21:46:51 CST 2011

What about quantity?  Should we order enough for our intended launches for
the year?  I think we should have a spare on hand too, just in case.




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 I still say that 600gm are sufficient for what we are doing  2.5 - 3 lb
payload remember we need about $50 to $75 of helium to fill it.    Big
balloons need more gas and are only need if we want a gbigger payload.  the
big ones make sense when we put up a repeater or several radios .  Two
trackers should be less that 1 lb. 

Thats my two cents, I will work with what ever we end up with.

Dave KV0S


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