[Balloons] Hwoyee balloon co-op purchase - Price Update

Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Tue Dec 20 20:49:31 CST 2011

OK, we need to decide quickly if we want to order any balloons for our spring, and future launches.  These prices are the latest and best I’ve seen posted.    Compare to the prices here… http://www.scientificsales.com/Meteorological-Balloons-Weather-Balloons-Sounding-Balloon-s/25.htm 


Much better J  We’d have to pay shipping from Canada, but even with shipping, these prices are very attractive.


Dave, what do you think about size and quantity.  We talked about smaller for the first one or two…  


Don – KM0R


Hi Everyone


Now that I have a better idea of the quantities that everyone is interested in, I’ve been able to get a much more accurate quote.  I’ve also been able to negotiate a lower cost for shipping.  I plan to bring in a few extra balloons so I can have some on hand if anyone wants some between this order and the next.


Based on the latest quote, here are the updated costs for each size.


300 gram – $15
600 gram – $25
1000 gram – $55
1200 gram – $65
1600 gram – $95
2000 gram – $140
3000 gram – $340 (limited supply)


I’ll hold off until after Christmas to place the order so there’s still time to speak up if you’re interested.


73, Bruce



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