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Don Moore km0r at km0r.net
Thu Dec 15 06:54:16 CST 2011

Are we interested in ordering some fresh balloons?  If so, we need to decide how many and what size we want as this is an excellent opportunity to save a few dollars.


This would probably be our best opportunity to order for our next few launches at reasonable rates.  This guy gets them direct from the manufacturer and less expensive than we can get them anywhere else I have seen.  The factory will not allow them to be shipped into the US because they have a dealer here, Scientific Sales. 


We can also ask about smaller balloons if we decide to.  600 gram balloons are $50 each plus shipping from Scientific Sales. (http://www.scientificsales.com/Meteorological-Balloons-Weather-Balloons-Sounding-Balloon-s/25.htm)  And you can see other sizes there with their price.  Ordering as below would be less expensive if we want a size he can get, and we can at least ask about whatever we want.


Let me know your thoughts on this.


Don – KM0R


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Subject: [GPSL] Hwoyee balloon co-op purchase.



Hi Everyone


Now that Ron has shown us all how to fly these Hwoyee balloons for 6000 miles we can all do it, right?  A guy can dream, can’t he?


I’m ready to put together another order for Hwoyee balloons for my fellow balloonatics.  I’ll be running this as a non-profit co-op purchase.  Basically the costs simply reflect my cost to bring them in along with the associated shipping and customs charges.  As a result, this offer is only available to hobbyist's.


The prices below are just estimates and are based on an order of at least 20 balloons.  The final costs will depend on how large an order we can arrange.  The larger the order, the lower our costs.


1000 gram – $73

1200 gram – $101

1600 gram – $122

3000 gram – I will get an estimate if there’s some interest.


Shipping from me to you will depend on how many balloons you order.  Shipping for 2 would be about $25 while shipping for 5 would be about $40.  Shipping within Canada would be about $5 cheaper.


The customs declaration will identify them as “Ham radio weather balloons”.  Those who ordered balloons the last time did not incur any customs charges.


So here’s the process.  Contact me directly to indicate how many and what sizes you would like to order.  Once I have enough people to place an order of at least 20, I’ll contact each of you with the exact costs including a cost breakdown.  I’ll also send a PayPal invoice at that time.  Once I have payment, I’ll place the bulk order.  I’d like to get things finalized and the order placed by mid to late January.


Please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested.


If you have any questions, just ask.




Bruce – VE5BNC



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