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The final floater balloon sent its last position packet at 0946z this
morning as it was descending (slowly) over the Mediterranean Sea.  It was
aloft for well over two days and travelled about 7500 miles!  The European
amateur community really stepped up in a hurry to this event.  In Europe,
APRS is on 144.8 rather than 144.39.  It appears several stations changed
frequencies after they heard of this unexpected airborne APRS visitor.  The
third link below is the best to see the track.

73,  Jim N0TKN


Ps:  The Balloons list did not get my first post because I attached the
traffic from the TinyTrak reflector which made the post too large.


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I have been following a thread on the TinyTrak reflector regarding a quad
balloon launch in California Sunday.  Two of the balloon were designed for
altitude/short distance and the other two were designed for distance.
(Floaters)  The two floaters flew just north of Columbia yesterday at 121000
feet.  Too bad I was not sharp enough to realize they were coming that close
or I would have been monitoring 144.39 a bit more closely.  Overnight, one
of the 4 balloons left the country.from the east coast!!  The other floater
balloon landed near Indianapolis.  The fact one of them is currently 350
miles out in the Atlantic and headed to Europe is really surprising the
launch team.

73,  Jim  N0TKN







ll> &mt=roadmap&z=11&timerange=172800&_s=ss_call



_s=sd> &dt=1323648000&mt=roadmap&z=11&timerange=3600&_s=sd


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