[Balloons] FW: [GPSL] High Altitude Cross Band Repeater this Saturday

COREY MESENBRINK kc0yns at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 6 10:51:31 CDT 2011

The Balloon is down, Made it up to 124,926 at 68 mph, It was fun to watch on aprs.fi  under the call sign w9jy-11  Came down fairly close to the launch site. Traveled to the East 20 Miles or so, Then back to the West 30 Miles, Then back East 10 Miles..They used two chase vechicles & they did a great job staying with the chase. Didn't try the radio.....

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Subject: [Balloons] FW: [GPSL] High Altitude Cross Band Repeater this Saturday

Unfortunately, I cannot be near a radio on Saturday morning.  Hopefully one of you might J
Don M.
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Dear friends,

BASE 67 will be another flight for the Boy Scouts in Rantoul, Illinois, this year for Space Jam 5, on Saturday morning.
The  cross band will use 144.36 MHz on the uplink and 446.025 MHz on the downlink.  The radio is provided for our use by Jeff KC9QCD.
I will be using a Hyowee 1600 gram balloon and anticipate burst altitude well above 110,000 feet.  The payload weight should be small enough to allow a steady ascent (1000 ft/min) with about 200 cubic feet of helium.
Launch will occur during the morning flag ceremony, shortly after 7:30 am CDT (1230 UTC) from 40.29 N, 88.15 W.  The lack of any strong jet stream will keep the flight close to the launch site.  The flight will drift slowly east under 60 kft and turn generally westward until burst.  Current predictions put the landing site about 10 miles south of Rantoul.
Using the radio horizon data from LiftWin, the radio signals should be available, at least for a few minutes, for anyone inside a circle that includes: Mankato and Minneapolis MN, Marquette MI, London ONT, Wheeling and Charleston WV, Knoxville TN, Huntsville AL, Forrest City AR, Joplin MO, Lawrence KS, Council Bluffs IA.
If we hit the 1000 ft/min ascent rate, burst will occur just before 9:30 am CDT (1430 UTC).
Previous flights at Space Jam have yielded EBE contacts that have made the list on the arhab.org records page.  Hopefully, some of you can work the repeater on Saturday morning.
If weather conditions (i.e thunderstorms) cause a delay, I will announce the time change via Twitter and Facebook on account BASE_DePauw.
Thanks for your support,
Howard, KC9QBN
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